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Retirement Planning

A properly designed, Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) policy offers tax advantages no other single product can provide. It would take a combination of investments to equal all the advantages of an IUL.  

Tax advantages

With an IUL, there are no taxes due during the accumulation phase when the policy’s cash value builds up. When you are ready to retire, you can take tax-free distributions of the cash value. IULs also allow the tax-free exchange of one policy for another without triggering income taxes. And when you pass on, the tax-free death benefit protects their loved ones against financial uncertainty.

Protection Against Stock Market Downfall

An IUL provides market gains without market-based risk because it’s not an investment in the stock market. With an IULs principal-protection guarantee, gains from the previous year are locked in and the principal cash value remains the same. To put it simply, even if the stock market crashes, there are no losses.

Flexibility And Control

Unlike an IRA or 401(k), there are no limitations on the amount you can contribute annually to the IUL. As a result, the IUL can have a high starting cash-value based on what they contribute to the policy.  Even better, you can have access to their cash value at any age, any time, for any reason, without paying taxes or penalties. IULs also allow a tax-free exchange of one policy for another, plus the flexibility to change death benefit amounts, premium amounts and payment frequency.

For younger people, an IUL provides a great rollover solution when they’ve accumulated considerable savings in a former employer’s retirement plan. For baby boomers who have been delaying retirement planning longer than they should, an IUL can provide a last chance to secure their retirement years. Of course, the tax-free death benefit offers an advantage to primary wage earners who are concerned about protecting the financial security of loved ones after they’re gone. 

The most cost-effective way to protect your retirement savings

These days, most people, if not all, are highly concerned about rising taxes and future market performance of their retirement savings. Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a cost-effective way to protect your savings from taxes while providing you with supplemental retirement income for your entire lifetime.